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Gemstone Jewelry That Is Popular This Year

The popularity of gemstone jewelry changes regularly. What is in fashion today may not be in such demand in twelve months time. There are some certainties, diamonds will always embody an aura of elegance, their value is not going to diminish anytime soon. The problem with diamond jewelry is that for most people it is priced too high.

Rings, pendants, and necklaces that featured semi-precious stones are now sold in huge volumes and for many reasons. Semi-precious stones have an allure that is very unique. As no two specimens are the same, their individuality is in itself a big draw. What’s more, their supposed mystical property is an attraction to many buyers. What is for sure is that there are many fine jewelery designs currently on the market that feature semi-precious stones.

Today there are more than a hundred semi-precious stones, and the list is growing on a regular basis as new deposits are discovered. Not all varieties are easily set in jewelry. This year there are three semi-precious stones which are very much in demand, these are rutilated quartz, moonstone, and amethyst. Of these three, it is rutilated quartz that is the least well known.

At first appearance, rutilated quartz looks very similar to crystal quartz but there is one big difference. It contains needles of rutile within it. The effect is one that is highly unique, specimens have a very obvious translucence and luster. The needles of the mineral rutile can be straw, brown, yellow or gold colored. The clearer the quartz, the more distinguished the needles. Clearer specimens usually come with the highest price tag.

Moonstone has been and remains very popular. It is a relatively soft stone that is easily worked into jewelry. It is available in a wide range of colors, though most common are white specimens that have a rainbow like luster. Since it is easily damaged, it should be handled gently and stored carefully.

Amethyst was once categorized as being a precious stone, but as more deposits were found it was reclassified into the semi-precious grouping. It usually comes in a deep purple color but can also be a light lavender shade. The darker shades typically are given the highest value.

If buying wholesale jewelry, it is important to know what gemstones have the highest price. Trends, fashion, and demand are evolving continually. Predicting which stones will be in vogue in the coming season is not easy, but research can help you make the right investments.